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Photos/Text courtesy of Steven Hippensteel, AL
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(March 2010) Enlarge The Married Trees: These trees were grafted or 'married' by local Indians which was tradition to mark a special spot to be remembered such as a place of burial
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(March 2010) Enlarge Crooked Creek Civil War Museum from Battleground: Following the trail through the battlegrounds and around Crooked Creek brings you to the back of the museum. More unmarked gun pits are located up and down these ravine slopes in this photograph

(March 2010) Enlarge This is the old 'Mayes' home site relocated to the battleground site from Somerville, Alabama. This dogtrot cabin was made in the 1830's and restored on site in 1996. The Mayes Cabin is available for overnight stays


(March 2010) Enlarge Mayes' home


(March 2010) Enlarge Looking through breezeway into bedroom: This is a shot through the dogtrot breezeway that has been enclosed and made into a dining room

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