Fort Craig, NM

Photos/text courtesy of Mick Werve
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(2009) Enlarge The fort wall on the left with the main gate area ahead. The flag pole marks the entrance to the fort
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(2009) Enlarge Flag over Fort Craig. The main gate area



(2009) Enlarge The guardhouse sat just inside the main gate. This is where the Confederates presented themselves to demand the surrender of the fort

(2009) Enlarge Inside the wall and a log canon. Logs were set up on the walls, as were poles with hats on top, after the Battle of Valverde to make the Confederates reconsider an assault on the fort. The Confederates didn't attack so it must have worked. By the way, it fooled me, as I approached the fort I thought it was a canon


(2009) Enlarge The view of the parade area inside the fort. The trees along the Rio Grande can be seen in the backround


(2009) Enlarge Officers Quarters

Fort Craig Page1   Page2

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