Champion Hill
146th Anniversary Event
May 16, 2009

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Event Brochure: Champion Heritage Foundation
1. Official Site: The Battle of Champion Hill (May 16, 1863)
2. Champion Hill 146th Anniversary Event, May 16, 2009
3. Book Signing at Champion Hill, Grady Howell, Jr.
4. Jerry McWilliams' unveiling of "Colonel Cockrell Leading a Charge: Battle of Champion Hill"

Battle of Champion Hill Anniversary Events
27th May 16, 1890
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Enlarge Visitors and participants gathered on the Champion Hill Missionary Baptist Church grounds. Activities started at 8 a.m.




Enlarge Dr. Timothy Smith at his book signing table. Dr. Smith is the author of Champion Hill: Decisive Battle for Vicksburg

Enlarge Welcome and introduction by Rebecca Drake


Enlarge Anniversary remarks by Terrence Winchell, historian at the Vicksburg National Military Park


Enlarge Brig. Gen. Parker Hills, (Ret.) introducing the guest speaker, Dr. Timothy Smith


Enlarge Dr. Timothy Smith



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