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1. Rick Jordahl, KC, MO
2. Bill Bechmann, Cincinnati, OH
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The Battle of Westport
October 23, 1864

One of the most important Civil War battles to take place west of the Mississippi, the Battle of Westport marked the beginning of the end for the Confederate threat in the West.

Sometimes referred to as the "Gettysburg of the West", The Battle of Westport took place in current-day Kansas City, Missouri with over 30,000 troops engaged and cost about 1,500 casualties on each side.

On a mission to break the Union resolve in Missouri, Confederate Maj. Gen. Sterling Price and his outnumbered Army of Missouri faced Union Maj. Gen. Samuel Curtisís Army of the Border blocking his advance at Westport. In addition, Union Maj. Gen. Alfred Pleasontonís cavalry division was closing on Priceís rear.

Fighting erupted along Brush Creek and at
Byram's Ford on the Big Blue River as Price sought passage for his entourage including nearly 500 wagons. Union Maj. Gen. James Bluntís division, however, held a defensive position on the Big Blue Riverís west bank.

Confederate forces under Maj. Gen. James F. Fagan and Brig. Gen. Joseph O. Shelby attacked Bluntís defensive positions allowing Priceís wagon train and about 5,000 head of cattle to cross the river at Byramís ford.

Then, with Brig. Gen John S. Marmadukeís Rebel division holding the west bank of the Big Blue, Pleasontonís forces were prevented from attacking Priceís rear. Soon after, however, Union troops were converging on Price from two directions.

Renewed Union attacks with superior forces turn the tide of battle in the Unionís favor. Blunt pounds Confederate forces with artillery leaving Price no alternative but to retreat south.

Priceís retreating column would again be viciously attacked just two days later at the Battle of Mine Creek after being relentlessly pursued by Union forces under Pleasonton, Blunt and Curtis,. This final attack nearly destroys Priceís army and marks the end of Confederate activity in the Trans-Mississippi.

Today, the Battle of Westport is marked with a self-guided auto tour. Battle of Westport sites are preserved near present-day Loose Park and at Byram's Ford. Extensive battlefield preservation efforts are sponsored by the Monnett Battle of Westport Fund.

Battle of The Big Blue
Battle of Brush Creek
Battle of Westport Memorial
Battle of Westport Visitor Center
Big Blue River   2
Boston Adams House
Brush Creek
Byram's Ford   2
Byram's Ford Battlefield
Byram's Ford National Register Mon.
Civil War Memorial
Collins Battery
Confederate Memorial
Defense Line
Forest Hills Cemetery   2
General Joseph O. Shelby Grave
Harrisonville Road
Hinkle's Grove
Kelly's Westport Inn
Log House
Loose Park   2
Mockbee Farm
Napoleon Cannon
New Santa Fe
New Santa Fe Road
Old Boone Building
Parrott Rifle
Pratt's Artillery
Road to Byram's Ford
Russell's Ford
Santa Fe Cemetery
Santa Fe Trail Monument
Swope Park
Thomas Farmhouse
Union Campsite
Wornall Homestead
Tour Stops:
Tour Stop-1: Action Before Westport
Tour Stop-2: Union Position
Tour Stop-3: Battle of Westport
Tour Stop-4: Bent & Ward Houses
Tour Stop-5: Confederate Position
Tour Stop-6: Union Artillery
Tour Stop-7: McGee's Charge
Tour Stop-8: Position of Opposing Forces
Tour Stop-9: Collins Battery
Tour Stop-10: Wornall Homestead
Tour Stop-11: Hinkle's Grove
Tour Stop-12: Battle of The Big Blue
Tour Stop-13: Shelby's Last Stand
Tour Stop-14: Mockbee Farm
Tour Stop-15: Harrison Road
Tour Stop-16: Byram's Ford Battlefield
Tour Stop-17: Battle of The Big Blue   2
Tour Stop-17A: Pratt's Artillery
Tour Stop-17B: Log House & Defense Line
Tour Stop-18: Battle of Westport
Tour Stop-19: Boston Adams House
Tour Stop-20: Russell's Ford
Tour Stop-21: New Santa Fe Road
Tour Stop-22: New Santa Fe
Tour Stop-23: Thomas Farmhouse
Photos/text this page courtesy of Bill Bechmann, Cincinnati, OH

(February 2013) Enlarge The Battle of Westport Visitor Center inside the main entrance to Swope Park (6601 Swope Parkway, Kansas City, Missouri)

(February 2013) Enlarge Tour Stop: 1 - Action Before Westport with map "Start of Tour" (Corner of Westport Road and Pennsylvania Avenue)



(February 2013) Enlarge Kelly's Westport Inn (Old Boone Building - built in 1852)

(February 2013) Enlarge Tour Stop : 2 - Union Position (Corner of Sunset Drive and Ward Parkway)


(February 2013) Enlarge Brush Creek (Action at Brush Creek)


(February 2013) Enlarge Tour Stop: 3 - Battle of Westport (Corner of Sunset Drive and Rockwell Lane)

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