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July 4th, 1886 was a memorable on for the citizens of Port Jervis, New York. The unveiling of the Soldier's Monument erected in Orange Square drew a crowd of between 10,000 and 14,000 people from all around the area. The three mile long parade had 850 participants who marched to the square for the ceremony. The local newspaper called it the "greatest day that Port Jervis ever had." The monument was constructed of Quincy granite, is 45 feet in height, contains 60 pieces and weighs over 60 tons. The design is original with the firm that built it, Frederick & Field, Quincy, Mass. The monument was a silent witness to many stories of Civil War veterans to author Stephen Crane. Crane was researching for his book, "The Red Badge Of Courage". Though he never said if the unit portrayed in the book was based upon the "Orange Blossoms", the 124th NYVI, there are many similarities to actual events involving the Blossoms. The 124th's involvement in The Battle of Chancellorsville is portrayed very close in the book. Monies for the construction of the monument were mainly given by Diana Farnum, who in her will, left $8,000


(December 7, 2008) Enlarge Union Soldiers' Monument in Orange Square, Port Jervis, New York
Enlarge At the top of the monument is the statue of a soldier, one of the most life-like works of the sculptor's hand. This soldier was carved out of a solid piece of granite by Edward King. The soldier represents a color-bearer holding in his left hand the American flag. His right hand rests upon his sword, which he is in the act of drawing from his scabbard

(December 7, 2008) New York State Marker. Sitting at the base of this monument, Stephen Crane, author of "The Red Badge of Courage " interviewed men from the 124th NYVI, "The Orange Blossoms", named after Orange County where many of the men in the 124th came from



(December 7, 2008) Enlarge Back view of monument looking toward flagpole, World War One monument and cannon

(December 7, 2008) Enlarge Mortar cannon, representing the Union Artillery


(December 7, 2008) Enlarge Items used by the Union Infantryman. Haversack, Bed Roll, Cartridge Box, Canteen, Drum, Scabbard for Bayonet


(December 7, 2008) Enlarge A few of the items used by the Union Cavalry Soldier. Saddle, Saber and Scabbard, Great Coat

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