Stoneman's Raid
North Carolina

Photos/text this page courtesy of Brian Duckworth, NC
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1. Stoneman's Raid
2. North Carolina and the Civil War : About - The Last Campaigns
3. Civil War Traveler - North Carolina (Stoneman's Raid)
4. David Wayne Hampton: Stoneman's Raid (Blog)
Andrew's Geyser  2
Asheville, NC
Battle of Asheville
Battle of Asheville: CSA Earthworks
Blowing Rock, NC
Bond Schoolhouse
Boone, NC
Burke County Confederate Mon.
Burke County Courthouse
Carson House  2
Catawba River
Caldwell County Court House
Camp Vance  2
College St, Lenoir
Dan River
Danbury      Stoneman's Headquarters
Davenport College  2
Deep Gap
Fort Hamby
Gen Gordon's Grave
Gen Reeve's Farm
Gen Reeve's Home
Gov. John Ellis Grave
Grant's Creek
Grant's Creek Bridge
Green River Plantation
Henderson County Confederate Mon.
Henderson County Courthouse
Henderson County Union Soldiers Mon.
Hickory Nut Gorge  2
Huntsville, NC
J. Soussman House
Jonesville, NC
Josephus Hall House
Lenoir Conf Mon.
Mark York's Tavern
Moratock Iron Furnace
Old English Cemetery
Old Lutheran Cemetery
Old Yadkinville Jail
Patterson Cotton Mill
Pearson Home
Polk County Courthouse
Richmond Hill, NC
Rockford, NC
Rowan County Court House
Rutherfordton, NC  2
St. James Episcopal Church, Lenoir
St. John's Church, Rutherfordton
St. Paul's Church, Wilkesboro
Smith-McDowell House, Asheville
Statesville, NC
Salisbury, NC
Salisbury Prison
Siloam, NC
Siloam Railroad
Stokes County Courthouse
Surray County Court House
Swannanoa Gap  2
Thomas Tulbert House
Tom Dooley Marker
Vance House
Wilkesboro, NC Jail
Wilkesboro, NC
Wilkes County Court House
William Eagle House
Windsor's Crossroads
Yadkinville, NC
Yadkin River Bridge   2
York Hill
Zebulon Vance Monument

(January 2008) Enlarge North Carolina Civil War Trails Marker

(January 2008) Enlarge Marker



(January 2008) Enlarge Boone, NC. View from marker site in previous photo

(January 2008) Stoneman's Raid marker east of Boone, on Highway 421 at Deep Gap


(January 2008) Enlarge Deep Gap at Blue Ridge Parkway entrance


(January 2009) Enlarge Area near Patterson Cotton Mill site

(January 2009) Enlarge Patterson Cotton Mill marker   (January 2008) Enlarge Stoneman's Raid marker in Blowing Rock, NC
Link: Blowing Rock, North Carolina History

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