Sewell Mountain, WV
Robert E. Lee's 1861 West Virginia Campaign Headquarters Site

Photos/text courtesy of Brian Duckworth, NC
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1. R E Lee Camp at Sewell Mountain
2. Robert E. Lee letters for the years 1848 thru 1868 | Familytales
3. Sewell Mountain (in Fayette County, WV)
4. Fayette County History

5. General R. E. Lee's Northwest Virginia Campaign
6. General Robert E. Lee's War-Horses, Traveller And Lucy Long

(August 4, 2008) Enlarge Sewell Mountain (far distance) from New River Gorge National Park at Grandview

(August 4, 2008) Enlarge Close-up of Sewell Mountain



(August 4, 2008) Enlarge WV historical marker. US-60 approximately 17 mi. east of WV State Highway 19

(August 4, 2008) Close-up of marker


(August 4, 2008) Enlarge Fenced tree and rock marks the spot where in 1861, General Lee pitched his headquarters tent and first met his horse, Traveller


(August 4, 2008) Cavendish Road sign on Hwy 60. The road leads to Lee's headquarters site

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