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Bigler's Steam Mill
Spring Forest Cemetery: Grave of Medal of Honor recipient, General John C. Robinson
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7. Find a Grave: Spring Forest Cemetery
8. Biography of Brig. Gen. John C. Robinson

60 foot keel section of U.S.S Monitor fashioned at Bigler's Mill

The U.S.S. Monitor, a 987 ton armored turret gunboat was built in New York to the design of John Ericsson. The 60 foot keel was made of solid oak, and the wood was harvested from the Southern Tier woodlands of New York. The wood was milled at Bigler's Steam Mill in Binghamton, NY (Town of Union). The mill, as well as the great oaks which once grew here are long gone, removed in the name of progress. The large Oakdale Mall stands where Bigler's Mill once was. The Monitor was commissioned on February 25, 1862, and was soon underway for Hampton Roads, Virginia. She arrived there on March 9, and was immediately sent action against the Confederate ironclad, Virginia, which had sunk two U.S. vessels the previous day. The resulting battle, the first between two iron-armored ships was a tactical draw. However the Monitor prevented The C.S.S Virginia from gaining control of Hampton Yards, and thus preserved the Federal blockade of the Norfolk area. Following this historic action, Monitor remained in the Hampton roads area, and, in mid-1862 was actively employed along the James River in support of Gen. George B. McClellan's Peninsular Campaign. In late December, 1862, Monitor was ordered south for further operations. Caught in a storm off Cape Hatteras, she foundered on December 31. Her wreck was discovered in 1974 and is now in a marine sanctuary.


(October 19, 2008) Enlarge Oakdale Mall, Johnson City, New York. Former site of Bigler's Mill

(October 19, 2008) Enlarge U.S.S. Monitor plaque inside the Oakdale Mall




(October 19, 2008) Enlarge The Monitor plaque
Bottom plaque reads:
January 24, 1998
Designer: Thomas R. Sosenko
Research by: Roland Whalen and Gerald Smith
Brass Casting: Elwood Johnson, T. Sosenko and JCHS Shop Students
Donations: Oakdale Mall Mgt. (Pedestal), Susquenango R/C Mariners, SSMA
Pedestal Construction: Fran Bastow
Engraving: Thos. Maus

(October 2008) The Monitor plaque

Wartime view of the U.S.S. Monitor turret   1995 USPS stamp

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