Fort Tejon, California
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(2002) Dining Room
"An early-day family room, the dining room provided a place for Annie Gardiner to sew as well as to entertain. She used baskets purchased from local Indians to store the needlework and sewing projects that took so much of her time.

One immediate sewing task was to prepare a layette for the Gardiners' baby, expected in the fall of 1855. Mrs. Gardiner cut out the baby clothes, and her two women servants sewed and hemmed the garments."

(2002) Adult Bedroom
"ADULT BEDROOM: Fort Tejon's carpenter built much of the furniture used by the Gardiners and other personnel. Their tables and wardrobe were plain, but the Gardiners were delighted to have them. Mrs. Gardiner had the furniture painted white and placed a wolf skin, the gift of a visiting officer, by the bed."


(2002) Child and Servant's Bedroom
"CHILD AND SERVANT'S BEDROOM: Capt. and Mrs. Gardiner's first child, Robert, was born at Fort Tejon in September 1855. Like most mothers-to-be, Annie Gardiner worried about who would help her with the birth of the baby. Before she became better acquainted with the post doctor, she thought he was too young and inexperienced. One of her servants, Mrs. Fitzgerald, reassured Mrs. Gardiner, saying she had once attended at a birth and "was not in the least frightened" to serve as midwife."

(2002) Foundation of one of the officers quarters buildings

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