Fort Tejon, California
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(2002) Enlisted Mens' Barracks

(2002) View of the Enlisted Mens' Barracks from the southeast. Parade ground is to the left. Kitchen site is to the right. Foundation of another enlisted mens' barracks is in the foreground.
Waysign at 2nd Barracks site:
"The second barracks building was designed to shelter 50 to 80 enlisted men. Between 1900 and and 1940 it was used as a farm building and housed a blacksmith shop in the western end. In the 1950's an earthquake brought the structure down."


(2002) Officer's Room in the enlisted mens' barracks.

"The Mythical "Camel Corps" of Fort Tejon"

"Barracks: Officer's Room. 2nd Lt. John T. Mercer reports to Maj. George Blake, fort commander, on a recent trip to escort Edward F. Beale from Los Angeles to the Colorado River. Beale had supervised the government survey of a wagon road from New Mexico to California in 1857 and was returning to Washington. The camels he used on his expedition were first brought to Beale's ranch. Later they were cared for near Fort Tejon, but were never used officially as riding camels here or seriously tested as pack animals."

(2002) Barracks interior

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