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(3-99) Herron's Attack, looking north

Marker: From this spot the observer is viewing the fields over which General F. J. Herron's army advanced on the morning of December 7, 1862, to attack the Confederate position on this ridge. Because the ford of the Illinois River was under artillery fire, Herron crossed northwest of the ford, or almost directly north of this sot. His army consisted of troops from Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Arkansas. Herron's divisions bore the brunt of the battle until 2 P.M., when Blunt's army came to his aid. Blunt's army entered the battle one mile west of this spot

(5-05) This is a view (same as in previous photo) from the Confederate positions atop the ridge near the Borden House, looking out across the prairie. Federal troops deployed in line of battle across the level land below and then made repeated charges up the hill
Dale Cox photo

(Dec 2013) Enlarge View from the ridge-top
near the Borden House
Billy Richmond photo


(2011) Enlarge Blocher's Arkansas Battery at the Borden House

Tour Guide: The four bronze cannons in Blocher's Arkansas Battery attracted the attention of General Herron who ordered that they be taken. The 20th Wisconsin charged up the hill and captured them, before being driven back by a superior Confederate force
William J. Bechmann III photo

(2011) Enlarge Battlefield Tour Stop 5: Carnage in the Orchard
Tour Guide: During the first Union charge, the 19th Iowa Infantry reached the southern edge of the apple orchard before heavy fire from Shelby’s cavalry to the east halted their advance. Lieutenant
Colonel Samuel McFarland died instantly when nine musket balls penetrated his body. The 37th Illinois Infantry entered the orchard during the second charge, but were also forced to withdraw. The 26th Indiana Infantry charged just east of the orchard during the second Union charge and suffered heavy casualties before retreating down the ridge

Borden House/Orchard Panorama 1
Borden House/Orchard Panorama 2
William J. Bechmann III photo

(Dec 2013) Enlarge Borden Apple Orchard
Billy Richmond photo


(5-05) Another view of the Borden Orchard, which has been replanted with apple trees and restored to some of its Civil War-era view. The 37th Illinois and 26th Indiana penetrated into the orchard, but were annihilated by waiting Confederates who drove them back down the hill
Dale Cox photo


(5-05) This is a good view from the base of the ridge, showing the hillside up which the Federal infantry charged time after time during the heaviest fighting of the Battle of Prairie Grove. The battle was very much a see-saw affair, with Federals charging up the hill and Confederates charging back down. When all was said and done, however, the fighting ended essentially in a draw. The Confederates withdrew during the night, leaving the Federals in command of the field. The Borden House can be seen at the top of the ridge
Dale Cox photo


(3-99) Another view of the Borden House from the Union perspective

(Dec 2013) Enlarge Borden House from
the bottom of the ridge
Billy Richmond photo

(5-05) This is the approximate point at which Lt. Col. John C. Black of the 37th Illinois Infantry earned a Congressional Medal Of Honor at Prairie Grove. Falling back down the hill after an unsuccessful charge, Black and his men wheeled on and broke up a Confederate countercharge during some of the heaviest fighting of the day
Dale Cox photo

(Dec 2013) Enlarge 26th Indiana and
37th Illinois making another attack up
the ridge
Billy Richmond photo

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