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Part of Freeman's battery was positioned on the high ground to the right of the photo; Morton's artillery was positioned on the left of the photo. This photo was taken from the left flank of Dunham's fenceline position

Second Federal Line (Northeast View)
This is the second line Dunham took up. This view, taken from near the Federal left flank, looks east down the length of the line, which ran along the bed of the modern-day I-40. Looking past the pole obstruction, I-40 can be seen with the semi-trucks traveling on it.
After the withdrawal of the Federal artillery, Forrest's artillery took advantage of the situation and poured concerted fire into the Federal troops . Seeking to silence the most destructive of the Confederate guns--Freeman's cannon on the Confederate left flank--Dunham ordered his right flank units to attack the pesky enemy guns. Freeman's canister repelled the Federals, and a second assault ended in the same manner.
Forrest noticed the wavering of the Federal line and, ordering an advance, compelled Dunham to retreat to a new line behind a rail fence


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