Parker's Crossroads, Tennessee

Courtesy of Webmaster , Matt Hering, TN and Steve McDaniel, TN
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Photos (2008) of the battlefield courtesy of  Steve McDaniel and sent by Denise Simpson of the Parker's Crossroads Battlefield Association
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2. Parkers Crossroads, TN
3. Battle Summary: Parker's Cross Roads, TN
4. Tennessee Civil War Battle Parker's Cross Roads
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(7-01) Parker's Crossroads. SH-22 one mile north of I-40. View looking south along SH-22. Site Marker: Returning to Middle Tennessee after an extensive & successful raid, Forrest's Cavalry Brigade on Dec. 31, 1862, fought here an all-day battle with 2 separate Union brigades converging on him in an unsuccessful attempt to destroy him before he could recross the Tennessee River near Clifton

(7-01) Tour Stop 1 Markers. Other tour stops were not visited. The panorama was taken here
Panorama of this area


(7-01) Enlarge Battle of Parker's Crossroads Tour Stop 1

(7-01) Enlarge Battle of Parker's Crossroads Tour Stop 1

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