Battle of New Market, Virginia

Ed Conner, TN
Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq., NJ
Lee Hohenstein, NE
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Bushong Farm Map

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1. New Market Battlefield State Historical Park
2. Battle Summary: New Market, VA
3. About the Battle of New Market, May 15, 1864.
4. Shenandoah Valley Battle of New Market

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(7-85) The Bushong House, located at the New Market Battlefield, was a prominent landmark during the battle. On May 15, 1864, the Cadets of the Virginia Military Institute flowed past both sides of this house to take up positions in the Bushong Orchard preparatory to charging the Union artillery positions on Battery Heights

The Bushong family stayed in the ground floor kitchen during the battle; afterwards, the house and barn were used as temporary hospitals. Their kindness towards the Federal wounded led to the house and outbuildings being spared during the later Federal campaign up the Shenandoah, known as "The Burning"

(7-85) Among Breckenridge's patched-together Confederate forces was a company of 70 Missourians, 47 of which were either killed or wounded. This monument was erected in 1905 by two of Woodson's former command at their own expense. The monument also marks the location of the Confederate line in the Bushong Orchard preparatory to their successful charge

The inscription on the monument reads:
This rustic pile
The Simple Tale Will Tell
It Marks the Spot
Where Woodson's Heroes Fell


(7-85) A Confederate's view of Battery Heights and the "Field of Lost Shoes". The Field of Lost Shoes derived it's name from the VMI Cadets; the field was so muddy it sucked the shoes off many of the boys making the charge. The lone cannon in the foreground marks the position of von Klieser's New York Battery, overrun by the Cadets. This cannon, like all others on the New Market Battlefield, is a replica made of fiberglass


(7-85) View of the Field of Lost Shoes seen from Battery Heights; this was the position of Snow's Maryland Battery and Carlin's West Virginia Battery. The Bushong Barn is at the right of the photo

The New Market Battlefield is owned and maintained by Virginia Military Institute. The Bushong farm and the surrounding portions of the battlefield that include the scenes of the heaviest fighting were purchased by VMI alumnus George R. Collins in 1944. The property was bequeathed to VMI in 1964 to become the nucleus of the present battlefield park

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