Lexington, Virginia Page9
Photos/text this page courtesy of Brian Duckworth, NC

(May 2007) Virginia Military Insitute
Virginia Mourning her Dead - VMI Statue over the graves of a few VMI cadets who were at the Battle of New Market VA


(May 2007) Another view of the statue


(May 2007) The Lee-Jackson house. Jackson lived here with his first wife, Elinor Junkin. Lee later lived here until his house was built on the Washington and Lee University Campus


(May 2007) Lee's house at W&L University. In 1870, Lee died in the 2nd floor corner room at right


(May 2007) Enlarge Stonewall Memorial Cemetery, Lexington, VA
Governor John Letcher, VA's War Governor


(May 2007) Enlarge Stonewall Memorial Cemetery
William Nelson Pendleton (father of Sandie Pendleton, and Lee's Chief of Artillery


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