Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Don Worth, UCLA
Roy Wunderlich
Alan M. DiSciullo, Esq, Princeton Jct, NJ
Mike Stroud, Bluffton, SC
Chris Shelton, Indianapolis, IN

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1. Battle of Harper's Ferry
 2. Harper's Ferry, WV
 3. Charles Town, WV: Where John Brown was Tried
 4. The Kennedy Farm, Sharpsburg, MD
 5. John Brown House, Chambersburg, PA

 6. Part of Rope Used to Hang John Brown

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park (National Park Service)
2. Battle of Harpers Ferry: civilwaralbum.com
3. Harpers Ferry, West Virginia - Wikipedia
4. Battle of Harpers Ferry - Wikipedia
5. Harpers Ferry, WV - A Visitors Guide

1970 NPS
Mike Stroud, SC
    Park Map   Detail Map   5 Interpretive Markers
Mike Stroud, SC
 Craig Swain, VA
Battle of Harpers Ferry
Brackett House
Camp Hill
Episcopal Church Ruins
Harper Cemetery
Harper House
Jefferson Rock
John Brown's Fort
John Brown's Fort Museum
Lockwood House
Maryland Heights
Master Armorer's House
Potomac River
Provost Marshall's Office
St. Peters Catholic Church
Shenandoah Street
Sheridan's Harper's Ferry Headquarters

(7-29-2001) Harper's Ferry from the Maryland side
Photo by Roy Wunderlich

(7-29-2001) View from Harpers Ferry of the Potomac and piers from an old bridge, looking east
Photo by Don Worth


(7-29-2001) John Brown's Fort
Photo by Don Worth

John Brown's Fort
Photo by Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq., Princeton Jct, NJ


(1980's) Enlarge John Brown's Fort monument
Photo by
Mike Stroud


(1980's) Enlarge 1918 Cornerstone on John Brown's Fort
Photo by
Mike Stroud

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