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The 2,436 confederate casualties of Fort Delaware (almost all by disease) were interred on the New Jersey shore of the Delaware less than a mile from the Fort.  Today, the cemetery is Finns Point National cemetery.  I was very surprised to find a Southern Cemetery this far north.

These photos show the confederate graves (only a handful were identified and have their own individual markers which I have sent photos of).  The rest of the confederates, while known who was buried, their individual graves are unknown.  The US Government erected a large monument to all of the Southerners who did not have individual monuments.  The names of each of these men is listed along the base of the monument.  I have sent a photo of this monument as well as the large plaque on it.  (As a side note on the photo of the confederate grave stones.  If you look closely in the background you will see 13 gravestones along a back wall lined up differently then the confederate graves.  These are 13 German soldiers from Rommel's Afrika Corps in WWII.  They were brought to the US for physical labor at Fort DuPont which was a WWII army post less than a mile from Fort Delaware.  Fort DuPont was not a POW camp but a handful of Germans were brought there).

Chuck Steeves
July 29, 2001

Bivouac of the Dead


Erected by the United States to mark the burial place of 2436 Confederate soldiers who died at Fort Delaware while prisoners of war and whose graves cannot now be individually identified

Officer's Laundry

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