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View from what would have been the grounds of the prison camp looking at the NW corner of the fort.  The area I am standing on would have been filled with wooden camp administrative buildings

Part of the parade grounds taken looking SW from the East wall terrace.  The concrete structure is called the Endicott and is a Spanish-American war improvement.  All of the concrete structure in the photo is the Endicott.  Unfortunately in building this structure, it destroyed 2/3 of the parade ground inside of the Fort.  Today, the Endicott is in ruin and mostly closed off due to the crumbling concrete which is no longer structurally sound.  The Civil War original brickwork however is in excellent condition


Administrative building and HQ.  The commanders personal quarters were on the 2nd floor. The third floor was quarters to other higher-ranking officers

Gun emplacements on the north wall terrace

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