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Photos/text this page courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
(May 2010) Enlarge Confederate Redoubt #4   (May 2010) Enlarge Confederate Redoubt #4
(May 2010) Enlarge Confederate Redoubt #4  

(May 2010) Enlarge Blackberries at Blakely

If you look closely at the photos taken May 30, 2010 you will notice wild blackberries. Also worthy of mentioning the wooden portions of CSA Redoubt #4 are reproductions, not original wood, which have been left to nature

(May 2010) Enlarge Blackberries at Blakely   

(May 2010) Enlarge Missouri Monument at Blakely

On the road going from the Blakely Historic Park entrance to the recreation areas and battlefield, the old city cemetery for Blakely is a stop on the Old Blakely Road. There are only a few grave markers in a large field, but there is a small cluster of stone crosses with no names or identification in the field

Across the street, however, there is a clearing with a monument to Missouri troops who fought in the April 9, 1865 battle

Missouri Battle Monument Inscription

APRIL 9, 1865

1st & 4th Missouri Infantry Regiment
2nd & 6th Missouri Infantry Regiment
3rd & 5th Missouri Infantry Regiment
1st & 3rd Missouri Cavalry Battalion (Dismounted)

3rd (St. Louis) Missouri Battery

30th Missouri Infantry Regiment (4 co's) (1st Div XIII Corps) 21st Missouri Infantry Regiment (2nd Div XVI Corps)

Dedicated to those who served by those who remember

Presented by 3rd Missouri Infantry Regt CSA Reenactors KC MI MO 2010


(May 2013) Enlarge Fort Blakeley Monuments
Missouri and Alabama Monuments located across from the Blakeley Cemetery inside the state park boundaries


(May 2013) Enlarge Obverse of Alabama Monument
This photograph was taken May 26, 2013 on Old Blakeley Road directly across from the Old Blakeley Cemetery in Historic Blakeley State Park, Alabama.
The inscription reads:
In memory of the Alabama
Confederate States of America
Soldiers & Sailors
who served at Fort Blakeley
Dedicated by
Mobile Bay District
United Daughters of the Confederacy

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