Fort McHenry

1. John Scott, Houston, TX
2. Bill Bechmann, Cincinnati, OH
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1. Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine
2. Fort McHenry - Wikipedia
3. Fort McHenry:
4. Friends of Fort McHenry
5. Fort McHenry Guard
6. Teaching American History in Maryland: Fort McHenry
7. The Visitors Center: Fort McHenry

(April 2004) Enlarge Ravelin on the left (protected the entrance). Commanding Officers Quarters on the right
John Scott photo


(2012) Enlarge Entrance
Bill Bechmann photo


(2012) Enlarge Pre-Civil War Cannon
Bill Bechmann photo


(2012) Enlarge 100th Anniversary Plaque (1814-1914)
Bill Bechmann photo


(2012) Enlarge Sally Port
Bill Bechmann photo

  (2012) Enlarge Lower Water Battery
Bill Bechmann photo

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