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(October 2001) Part of the foundation of the Chancellorsville Inn. The Inn was constructed around 1815, and was the reason the area was called Chancellorsville. General Hooker took over most of the building as his headquarters. The ladies who were living there at the time were allowed to stay in a couple of upstairs rooms. During the battle they subsequently fled
Marker: Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park
Marker: Chancellorsville Campaign - April 27 - May 6, 1863
Marker: Chancellorsville Campaign - May 1, 1863

(October 2001) Another view of the foundation
Marker: Chancellorsville Campaign - May 2, 1863
Marker: Chancellorsville Campaign - May 2, 1863, 8:30 am


(October 2001) The ruins of the Catharine Furnace. The Catharine Furnace was an early 19th Century iron furnace. It was abandoned before the Civil War, but was reopened to manufacture munitions for the Confederacy
Illustrated view of Catharine Furnace

(October 2001) Stonewall Jackson’s march on May 2nd to get to the flank of the Union Army passed this spot. Union General Sickles fought a battle here against a rear guard from Jackson’s force. The furnace was destroyed by Union Calvary in 1864
Marker: Chancellorsville Campaign - Sickles Attack at the Furnace Early Afternoon, May 2, 1863

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