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(October 2001) Typical underbrush of the whole Wilderness Area. During both battles here (Hooker’s & Grant’s) the underbrush caught fire from the many thousands of rounds of both Mini-Ball and Canon Ball  that were fired. Many wounded soldiers of both sides were burned to death, as they could not Crawl away
Marker: Chancellorsville Campaign - May 2, 1863
Marker: Chancellorsville Campaign - May 2, 1863

Marker: Chancellorsville Campaign - Jackson's Flank March Mid-Afternoon, May 2, 1863


(October 2001) View of the road that General Jackson’s troops marched on during their 13 mile march across the face of Hooker’s army to attack the right flank. General Otis Howard’s 11th Corps of mostly German troops held the right flank. The attack was such a surprise and so strongly pushed that the Union right flank  Collapsed almost 2 ˝ miles to the east


(July 2006) Stonewall Jackson Ambulance Route sign at Guinea Station, the junction of Virginia state roads 606 and 607. Entrance to the Jackson shrine is just across the R/R tracks, to the left
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(July 2006) Junction of Guinea Station Road (SR-607, left) and Stonewall Jackson Road (SR-606)
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