Battle of Cane Hill, Arkansas

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(3-99) This is the Battle of Cane Hill marker on Highway 45 in Canehill. A preliminary action to the Battle of Prairie Grove, Cane Hill was a significant engagement in its own right. The battle began around 10 a.m. on November 28, 1862, when Union forces attacked Jo Shelby's Brigade at the northern end of Cane Hill ridge. The battle raged for nine hours and involved repeated stands by the outnumbered Confederates, who fought a fiercely contested rear guard action as they fell back from position to position. Narrative by Dale Cox

(3-99) The Methodist Manse (1834), SH-45 and Spring Street (private home). Served as a Union headquarters and hospital


(May 2005) Cane Hill College was a significant Arkansas educational institution during the antebellum era. The existing building dates from the post-Civil War years, but the college had been in operation for decades prior to the war. The Canehill area was actually three adjoining communities in 1862 and the battle raged through all three

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(May 2005) A closer view of the marker at Cane Hill College

Dale Cox photo

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