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John Holbrook Estill (tall monument)
John Holbrook Estill's military career began in 1859 age 19 he joined the Oglethorpe Light Infantry which later became Company B of the 8th Georgia Infantry. He was wounded at First Manassas, Virginia 21 July 1861. He received a military discharge at First General Hospital, Richmond, Va. 16 Feb 1862. He returned to Savannah and became a volunteer of Screven's Battalion opposing Sherman's March to the Sea campaign. He was taken prisoner as a member of that group. After the War he served several years as Captain of Company F, First Regiment Georgia Infantry. In 1895 he was placed on the retired list of State Volunteers with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He was an Honorary Member of the Oglethorpe Light Infantry, a life member of the Georgia Hussars, Savannah Cadets and Savannah Volunteer Guards. He was a Past Commander of Lafayette McLaws Camp, No. 576, U.C.V. and a member of the Confederate Veterans Association
John H. Estill used the title Col. in front of his name. There is a street in Savannah named "Col. Estill"
Enlarge        Base of Estill monument      Photo by Joan Evans


Henry Clay Wells. Wells wrote articles for a newspaper (The Sylvania Telephone) about his experiences in the Confederate Army. They were compiled into a book (The Barefoot Confederate by Dixon Hollingsworth)
Photo by Joan Evans


General Hugh Weedon Mercer, 1 Regt. Ga Inf, CSA. November 27, 1808 - June 9, 1877
Photo by Mike Stroud


Hamilton McDevit Branch, Confederate soldier
Photo by Mike Stroud

John H. Rodgers, Lieutenant 66th Regiment, Georgia Volunteers, Confederate States Army. Killed in battle near Atlanta, Georgia, July 22, 1864. Age 19 years
Photo by Mike Stroud

Simeon Theus, 1841 - 1912, a Confederate Soldier
Photo by Mike Stroud
  General Robert Anderson, 1835 - 1888. Fearless and Faithful
Photo by Mike Stroud

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