Ball's Bluff, Virginia

Photo Contributors:
Chuck Steeves, NJ
Russ Warner, PA
Mike Stroud, SC
Richard Edling, PA

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150th Anniversary Reenactment
Courtesy of Robert B. Yates, VA

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15th Massachusetts Infantry Line
Courtesy of Chuck Steeves

Site Marker for 15th Massachusetts Infantry: The 15th Massachusetts Infantry led the Federal advance at Ball's Bluff. Rebuffed in the morning's fight, the 15th fell back to the small field that existed here in 1861. Private Rowland E. Bowen (right photo) of the 15th Massachusetts described the action here: " was evident to me at once that we had formed our last line of battle and if we lost this position, we were utterly ruined...Now the dirt and grass began to fly on top of the ridge and the bullets flew like hailstones...Colonel Devens came along behind us and said 'Fellow soldiers, if you wish to preserve your lives...form a line and stand still.' But it was the general impression among our men that our enemies were 5 to 1 (against us), which disheartened them." Source: From Ball's Bluff to Gettysburg...and Beyond by Gregory A. Coco, 1994, Thomas Publications
Courtesy of Chuck Steeves


Union Leaders at Ball's Bluff
Confederate Leaders at Ball's Bluff
Courtesy of Russ Warner
Battle at Ball's Bluff

Courtesy of Mike Stroud, Bluffton, SC


A Divided America, A Divided Loudoun County
Aftermath of Ball's Bluff
The Battle at Ball's Bluff
Courtesy of Russ Warner

Photo by Russ Warner, PA
  (2006) View from Ball's Bluff, looking across the Potomac River
Photo by Russ Warner

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