Wisconsin Memorial

March 2011  Enlarge Located near Tour Stop 4 (Ransom's Gun Path), is the Wisconsin Memorial, dedicated on May 22, 1911. Sitting atop the memorial is a six-foot bronze representation of the famed mascot of the 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, "Old Abe", The War Eagle. The original bronze eagle was destroyed by a lightning strike (a not uncommon occurrence at the Vicksburg Battlefield) in 1944, but was soon replaced

"Old Abe" survived an astonishing 37 battles and skirmishes and was a popular attraction at G.A.R. functions for many years after the war. He died in 1881, and was displayed for many years as a mounted taxidermist's exhibit at the Wisconsin State Capitol. A fire at the State Capitol in February, 1904 destroyed many exhibits, including "Old Abe" Narrative by Ed Conner, TN


2006 Enlarge
Photo by Richard Edling

March 2011 Enlarge

Detail of a statue of a Union infantryman on the Wisconsin Memorial. Bronze tablets listing the names of 9,075 Wisconsin soldiers who fought at Vicksburg are located on the memorial. Photo and narrative courtesy of Ed Conner, TN

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