VNMP Tour Stop 6
Thayer's Approach Page3

(3-96) 26th Louisiana Stockade in left background. Site Marker: U.S. Union Trench, Thayer's Approach


(3-96) Site Marker: End of Thayer's Approach to Confederate work in front carried to this point about July 3 and a gallery for a mine begun but not finished. Work in charge of Capt. Herman Klostermann


(3-96) North view from 26th Louisiana Stockade. The sign marks the end of Thayer's Approach

(3-02) Enlarge The tunnel entrance

(3-08) Enlarge Approach trench on Union side of the tunnel  

(3-02) Enlarge Thayer's Approach trench near the tunnel exit


(3-04) Enlarge South view from tour stop parking area. The 26th Louisiana Stockade is on top of the ridge in the background

  (3-01) Enlarge Another view

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