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(1905) The surrender monument when it was still in the National Cemetery at Vicksburg - Fort Hill is in the background
This Albert Kern photograph courtesy of Jeff Giambrone, Clinton, MS
For any use of this photo contact
Albert Kern was born in 1847 in Germantown, Ohio. He came to Dayton, Ohio in the early 1870s to become a successful lawyer
Between the years of 1880 to 1920 he was an enthusiastic photographer in the Dayton area. He served at one time as vice-president of the Dayton Camera Club. He was also a devotee of military history and spent many hours recording aspects of American military life, customs, battlefields and the like. Later many of his photos were used in articles dealing with military history


(2-00) Enlarge View from Confederate Ave. at  the Great Redoubt. 3rd Louisiana Redan is the high ground at left center. Surrender Interview site at right center

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