Steele's Bayou Expedition
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Steele's Bayou Expedition Driving Tour Guide
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Black Bayou: Conj. with Deer Creek
Black Bayou: 3/4 mi. W of Deer Creek
Black Bayou: 1 mi W of Deer Creek
Black Bayou: 1 1/4 mi W of Deer Creek
Black Bayou: 2 mi E of Steele's Bayou
Clark's Plantation Site
Deer Creek: Conj. with Black Bayou
Deer Creek: Conj. with Rolling Fork Creek
Deer Creek: Just N of Black Bayou
Deer Creek: 2 mi N of Black Bayou
Deer Creek: Clark's Plantation Site
Deer Creek: Egremont Plantation Site   2
Deer Creek: Rolling Fork Mounds
Deer Creek: N of Rolling Fork Mounds
Eagle Bend of Mississippi River
Eagle Lake
Egremont Plantation Site
Hill's Plantation
Indian Mound: Cary, MS
Indian Mounds: Near Rolling Fork
Muddy Bayou: Conj. with Eagle Bend
Muddy Bayou: 1/8 mi W of Steele's B
Muddy Bayou: Conj. with Steele's Bayou
Rolling Fork Creek: Conj. with Deer Creek
Rolling Fork Creek: 1/2 mi E of Deer Creek
Sherman's Headquarters
Steele's Bayou: Conj. with Yazoo River
Steele's Bayou: Conj. with Muddy Bayou
Steele's Bayou: 1 1/4 mi below Black B
Tour Guide: Steele's Bayou Expedition
Widow Watson's Farm

(March 2008) Enlarge Conjunction of the Yazoo River with Steele's Bayou, starting point for the expedition. The Yazoo flows from right to left, view looking north up the bayou


(March 1997) Eagle Lake (wartime Eagle Bend of the Mississippi River). West view from mouth of Muddy Bayou
Bayou Expedition Tour Guide: Eagle Lake is an oxbow lake, one of many in the Delta that were cut off from the river as it changed course over the years. In 1863, it was part of the Mississippi River, known as Eagle Bend. Just after the Civil War, the river cut through the neck at the base of the Eagle Bend meander look and converted it into the modern-day Eagle Lake

Infantry troops accompanying the expedition unloaded from transports at Eagle Bend with plans to march 3/4 mile along Muddy Bayou to Steele's Bayou where they would board transports heading up the bayou


(March 1997) Conjunction of Muddy Bayou with Eagle Lake, wartime Eagle Bend in the Mississippi River

(March 2010) Enlarge Muddy Bayou about 0.1 mi. from Eagle Lake


(March 1997) Enlarge Muddy Bayou approximately 1/8 mile west of Steele's Bayou

(March 1997) Enlarge Area north of Muddy Bayou


(March 2010) Enlarge Steele's Bayou at the conjunction with Muddy Bayou (a few yards to the right out of the picture). View looking east across Steele's Bayou
Bayou Expedition Tour Guide: Once the troops made their way to Steele's Bayou, they camped on the narrow strip of dry land along the bank and waited to board transports. The first group of 950 men boarded Silver Wave on the evening of March 19. The last units did not reach Hill's plantation, a staging area for infantry approximately 35 miles from here, until the morning of March 23

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