A. Parapet - Wall of earth and log 8" high and of varying thickness
B. Embrasure - Opening in the parapet for use of artillery
C. Platform - Supports artillery, gun run back out of sight to load
D. Bombproof - Shelters men from artillery fire, also served as command and first aid posts     Top
Magazine - Similar to Bombproof, for storage of munitions
E. Trench - Enabled men to stand fully erect without being exposed to enemy fire
F. Firing Step - Platform on which sharpshooters stood to fire under the head log
G. Head Log - Protects sharpshooters from enemy musket fire
H. Crossbars (skids) - Keeps head log from falling into trench if hit by artillery fire
I. Traverse - (if more than one gun in battery) localized effects of enemy shell fire     Top
J. Fascines - Bundles of cane to shore up sides of defense
K. Gabions - Baskets made of cane and vine, filled with dirt and used as revetment
L. Chevaux-de-frise - Sharpened stakes used to obstruct enemy attack
M. Sap Roller - Made of cane and vine and packed with dirt or cotton to protect the engineers and fatigue party

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