Memorial Arch

Chicago Mercantile Battery
U.S. 17th Battery, Ohio Light Artillery

(5-2011) Chicago Mercantile Battery marker in upper right of photo. Marker: U. S. Chicago Mercantile Battery: 10th Division.: 13th Corps: Army of the Tennessee. Capt. Patrick H. White. The right section, under Lieut. Joseph W. Barr, served two 10-pounder Rodman rifles and the center section, under Lieut. Henry Roe, served two 6-pounder guns in this position from the morning of May 23, 1863, to about June 15, when the center section moved to an advanced battery. The left section under Lieut. George Throop, served two 6-pounder guns on the line of Osterhaus' Division the afternoon of May 24, to about June 15, when it moved to this position and took the place of the center section. The right and left sections served their pieces in that position to the end of the siege, July 4, except that both sections were ordered to Big Black River Bridge about June 23, and returned within five days from the time of starting


(5-2011) Enlarge Memorial Arch at the start of the 16 mi. driving tour. Vicksburg NMP Home Page: In 1917, the U.S. Congress sponsored a four-day veterans' reunion at Vicksburg National Military Park with an appropriation of $150,000. Approximately eight thousand former soldiers attended the event. At its conclusion about $35,000 remained unspent, and the funds were used to commemorate the historic gathering. A memorial arch was constructed of Stone Mountain (GA) granite. The sculptor of the Memorial Arch was Charles Lawhon and it was dedicated in 1920. It stood astride Clay Street until 1967 when, having been declared a traffic hazard, it was moved to its present site within the park


(4-2014) Enlarge
Bill Bechmann photo


(3-1996) Enlarge Union Battery nearby facing the Second Texas Lunette. Marker: U.S. 17th Battery, Ohio Light Artillery. 10th Div, 13th Corps. Army of the Tennessee. Capt. Ambrose A. Blount, Capt. Charles S. Rice. The 1st section, under Lieut. George A. Ege served two 10-pounder Parrott rifles in this position from about June 7 to the end of the siege, July 4, 1863. From May 19 to about June 7 the section served its Parrott rifles on the first ridge in rear of this position

  (3-96) Enlarge Close-up of Chicago Mercantile Battery site

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