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1. Vicksburg National Military Park - Lake Providence Canal
2. THE ARMY AT LAKE PROVIDENCE. - The Opening of the Canal Postponed ...
3. Lake Providence, Louisiana
4. Grant's Canal Park - Lake Providence, Louisiana
5. Grant's Canal - Significant Civil War Historical Location

(3-96) Lake Providence, LA, near the intersection of Rt. 596 and US-65. North view from Rt. 596. The canal remained an open ditch in the downtown district of Lake Providence until 1953. The U.S. Government filled in the canal leaving this 1000 ft section.


(3-96) Soldiers Rest. US-65, one half mile north of the Lake Providence Canal observation pier and park. Site Marker: In early 1863, Union troops commanded by Gen. U.S. Grant dug a canal connecting the Mississippi River and Lake Providence. They camped in an area known as "Soldiers Rest," which provided a temporary home




(3-96) Information Marker Observation Pier and Park. US-65 north of Rt. 596.
Site Marker:
In early 1863 Federal General U.S. Grant dug a canal here connecting the Mississippi River and Lake Providence. This attempt to use bayous and rivers to bypass Vicksburg failed

(3-96) East view of the canal near its junction with Lake Providence
Baxter Bayou

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