Helena, Arkansas

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(3-99) South view of the US-49 Mississippi River Bridge. Helena was first occupied by Federal troops in July 1862 and served as a vital link in the Federal supply line between Cairo, Illinois, and the Union-held enclaves that served as springboards for U.S. Grant's campaigns that resulted in the capture of Vicksburg. On July 4, 1863, in an attempt to help relieve the siege of Vicksburg, Confederate forces launched an early morning attack against Helena. They were unaware of the events taking place in Vicksburg which surrendered later that day


(3-99) Union Battery C. Northeast view overlooking Helena. Site Marker: Graveyard Hill. Union defensive position, was attacked at sunrise and soon captured on July 4, 1863, by the 1st Brigade under Gen. McRae and the 4th Brigade under Gen. Parsons, commanded by Gen. Sterling Price, CSA. Because of intensive bombardment from the Union gunboat "Tyler" and guns on Hindman Hill, General Holmes, Confederate Commander, was compelled to order the abandonment of the hill at 10:30 A.M. Total casualties for Price's Column were 105 killed, 194 wounded, and 501 missing
July 4, 1863--Attack on Helena, AR. Report of Maj. Gen. Benjamin M. Prentiss, U.S. Army, commanding District of Eastern Arkansas


(3-99) Union Battery D. Site Marker: Hindman Hill, southernmost of four positions fortified by Union Forces in June, 1863, was attacked by the 35th, 37th, and Hawthorn's Arkansas Infantry Regiments under General Fagan, CSA, at daybreak, July 4, 1863. Thwarted by the strength of the Union defenses, manned by the 43rd Indiana, the 33rd and 35th Missouri, and the 33rd Iowa, Fagan's brigade retreated at 11 A.M. along the Upper Little Rock Road. About 250 men of the 37th Arkansas were captured after failing to receive the signal to withdraw. Total casualties for Fagan's brigade were 47 killed, 115 wounded, and 273 missing

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