Green Redan

(3-2011) Green Redan and the Missouri Monument
(March 17, 2013) Enlarge Green Redan and the Missouri Monument

New Interpretive Marker

(3-02) Green Redan and line of the 7th Mississippi Battalion and 20th Arkansas
Confederate position table for Green Redan

Marker for Confederate line (7th MS. Bat. and 20th AR)
Panorama: G. A. Smith's Approach

(3-2008) Enlarge Stockade Redan in left background

(3-96) Lowe's (Missouri) Battery on knoll in background

(3-02) Brig. Gen. Martin E. Green plaque at right
Close-up of Gen. Green plaque


(3-2011) Enlarge View from the south. Arkansas Monument on the left and the Missouri Monument at the redan


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