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(March 2002) Enlarge Artillery embrasure   (March 2001) Enlarge Clayton Bayou near Fort Pemberton

(September 1999 VHS) Fort Pemberton from the Tallahatchie River, north of the fort
Mike O'Neal photo


(March 2000) Enlarge Union Cotton Bale Battery site approximately 700 yards northwest of Fort Pemberton. The battery was located in what is now a cotton field.  See report below for a description of the battery and operations in and around Fort Pemberton

O.R. Reports of Lieut. Col. James H. Wilson, Assistant Inspector-General, U.S. Army, Chief of Topographical Engineers, Army of the Tennessee (with map)


(March 2000) Enlarge Down stream view of the Tallahatchie River approximately six river miles above Fort Pemberton

(March 2000) Old Greenwood Cemetery.  See page three for photo of Stoddard's grave site


(March 2000) Enlarge Southwest section of the Old Greenwood Cemetery


(March 2000) Enlarge 42 inch Lathe from the "Star of the West." The Lathe was apparently taken off the steamer and left on the Tallahatchie River bank when the boat was scuttled at Fort Pemberton.  It is still being used at a Greenwood machine shop

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