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Fort Garrott
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(3-96) 34th Georgia line, south of Fort Garrott. Georgia monument at left. Fort Garrott in background. 34th Georgia line marker at right

(June 4, 2014 Enlarge   Detail
Georgia Monument's new location a few yards north of the old site, slab in right center background


(3-2011) Enlarge Confederate Line: 20th Alabama. North of the fort


(3-96) Confederate left of Fort Garrott. Site Marker: Small Work on line of Lee's Brigade. This work was held May 22, 1863, and the assault of the Union force repulsed by the 31st Alabama, under command of Lieut. Col. T. M. Arrington, and Major C. W. Mathieson, with the 23d Alabama on its right and the 30th Alabama on its left. The casualties in the regiment on that day cannot be accurately stated. The regiment held the same position until the end of the defense. Casualties during the defense: In 31st Alabama, killed 21, wounded 37, total 58: In 23rd Alabama, killed 17, wounded 15, total 32

  (3-08) Enlarge Waddell's Alabama battery at east wall of the fort
Waddell's Alabama battery position tablet
(3-08) Enlarge View from Waddell's Alabama battery  

(3-08) Enlarge Another view of Waddell's Alabama battery

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