Edwards, Mississippi

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Edwards was originally named Amsterdam and settled in the 1830s. In 1832 it suffered from a Cholera epidemic and was then bypassed by the Alabama and Vicksburg Rail Road. This happened in 1839 when R. O. Edwards plantation became a stop on the railroad known as Edwards Depot.

The depot was burned to prevent its use during the American Civil War in 1863. The current site of Edwards was chosen in 1866. It was incorporated in 1871.

In 1882 the Southern Christian Institute was opened by the Church of Christ in the town to educate African-Americans. It latter became Bonner-Campbell College. In 1897 Edwards suffered an attack of Yellow fever that killed many residents of the town.



(7-01) Enlarge Edwards, MS. East view of the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad (wartime Southern Railroad of Mississippi). The SH-467 (Raymond Road) bridge is in the background
Panorama of this area


(3-02) Enlarge Old U.S. 80 (wartime Jackson Road) 1/2 mi. west of Edwards, view looking east


(3-10) Enlarge Former Cook Plantation. View looking south from Old US-80, west of present-day Edwards. The railroad is just beyond the far tree line in the distance


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