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View looking west down the length of Hovey's lines before the assault. This picture was taken just to the right of the roadcut in the previous photograph   Locate on Map


This picture was taken just to the left of the roadcut looking south toward Champion Hill. In the far distance it is possible to make out the increased elevation around Champion Hill where the Confederates were deployed
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View to the left of the road cut in the previous photograph. This photograph was taken from the same position as the previous one but looking to the east down Hovey's lines. Notice how the terrain drops off sharply into a ravine in the middle of the picture. Because of this, Hovey had to make this point his extreme left before the assault
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Once Hovey had deployed along the Jackson Road south of the Champion House, the Federals saw the need to extend their lines to the west in order to turn the Confederates' left flank. By doing so, they could gain control of the upper Bakers Creek bridge and prevent Pemberton from escaping. The Union 3rd Division under command of John A. Logan was called up to accomplish this. He deployed his division to the immediate right of Hovey, extending the Union lines into the fields to the west of the Champion House and fronting Lee's brigade posted on the ridge. The photo above shows the fields in which Logan troops were massed and the treeline in the background represents the position of the Confederates along the ridgeline. Champion Hill would be near the middle of the photograph. The view is looking south   Locate on Map

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