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         t dawn on the morning of May 16, 1863, Major General Ulysses S. Grant found his army concentrated in three main areas west and south of Raymond and Bolton.  The army corps under McPherson camped at Bolton during the night, near the junction of the Jackson Road and the Raymond-Bolton Road.  McClernand, although parts of his corps were separated, camped further to the south down the Raymond-Bolton Road where it intersects with the Middle Road.  This force included McClernand himself, along with divisions of Peter J. Osterhaus and Eugene A. Carr. The southernmost force, camped near the intersection of the Raymond-Bolton Road and the Raymond Road was also a detachment of McClernand's corps and included divisions of A. J. Smith and Francis P. Blair.
         Although the Union army was spread out over miles of road, their disposition allowed for quick transportation down the narrow, mud-choked Mississippi roads.  At 5.00 a.m., Grant ordered all forces  westward toward Edwards. In between the Union army and Edwards was the bulk of Vicksburg's defenders.  Defeat them today and Vicksburg will fall.


Union Positions at Dawn, May 16


Historic marker at the intersection of Old US-80, and Brownsville Road in downtown Bolton   Locate on Map


The wartime Southern Railroad of Mississippi in downtown Bolton. McPherson's headquarters was located nearby   Locate on Map


Raymond-Bolton Road looking north toward Bolton.  The bridge in the photograph crosses Bakers Creek
Locate on Map


Junction of Raymond-Bolton Road and the Airplane Road south of Bolton. Portions of the Union Army camped around this road junction on the night of May 15.  The Bakers Creek Bridge in the previous photograph is in the distance   Locate on Map

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