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Jackson Road cut a few yards north of the Crossroads. The view is from the west edge of the wartime cornfield   Locate on Map



The Jackson Road trace as it curves toward the crest of Champion Hill. Bowen's attack continued unabated through this portion of the battlefield as the beaten Union troops retreated across the same ground that they had victoriously taken earlier in the day. Along the way, Bowen ordered his men to retrieve ammunition from the dead and wounded soldiers that they came across during their advance   Locate on Map


View of the crest of Champion Hill from the south. As Bowen's soldiers retook the crest, they were able to recover the artillery that Cumming's men had been forced to abandon during the initial Union assault
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Because of depleted ammunition and the injection of fresh Federal troops under Brigadier General Marcellus M. Crocker, Bowen's counterassault came to a halt around the ground pictured above, which is approximately 350 to 400 yards north of the crest of Champion Hill.  From near this area, Bowen heard that McClernand had broken through the Confederate roadblock on the Middle Road and was approaching the crossroads.  To prevent being cut off from his escape route and caught between two Union forces, Bowen decided to retire.  The Confederate mass retreat began   Locate on Map
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Click image to enlarge Cockrell's Counterattack Interpretive Marker on old Jackson Road between the Crossroads and the crest of Champion Hill


Click image to enlarge Looking south from the counterattack marker. Old Jackson Road cut leads to the Crossroads  just beyond the trees in left background


Click image to enlarge Looking north from the counterattack marker. Crest of Champion Hill in far left background


Click image to enlarge Champion Heritage Foundation Marker at location of Hovey's 16-Gun Battery. Marker set in 2015  


Click image to enlarge Hovey's Battery site and graveyard mentioned in the marker. Several unmarked graves are scattered about the mound. View is looking east

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