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When Lt. Col. Pettus's men made it to the crest of Champion Hill, they found that their vantage point was not satisfactory.  They decided to move about 500 yards to the north to a small knoll that overlooked the Champion home.  There they saw a powerful Union column under James B. McPherson that was moving south toward the Crossroads.  If the Federals continued unabated, they would hit the Confederates in the flank as they were making the left turn at the crossroads.  They fired on the column and then hurried back to the crossroads to inform Lee of these unforeseen developments.  The photograph was taken just to the west of the Champion Hill Missionary Baptist Church looking south.  Lt. Col. Pettus and his men were about 300 yards to the south down the road trace   Locate on Map


View of the knoll looking south.  A portion of the knoll is visible to the left of the road trace.  The Confederate reconnaissance fired on the Union forces around the Champion house from near this location   Locate on Map


This picture shows the Jackson Road trace as it winds southward toward Champion Hill and the crossroads. The knoll in the previous picture is off to the left of the photo
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