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          he battle of Champion Hill on May 16, 1863 was arguably the most decisive engagement in the western theater during the American Civil War. The northern victory there led directly to Vicksburg's fall and to the surrender of a potent Confederate field army. It marked the ascendancy of Grant as the Union's most capable general and later freed him and Sherman to take command of the two Federal armies that would bring the Confederacy to its knees.
          Despite these accolades, today, there remains virtually nothing left that commemorates the battle of Champion Hill. There is no expansive military park where scholars, military buffs, adventurers, or families can relive both the glorious and tragic moments of that fateful day. There are no interpretive tour markers so tourists can trace the movements of both armies. All that stands is a single historical marker, a monument to a fallen general, and two houses that are in desperate need of repair. This website is dedicated to making the public aware of Champion Hill and its significance in Civil War history. Although it cannot ever replace the sensation of actually walking a true battlefield, we hope this virtual tour can bring Champion Hill to life.

Brian Risher and Bruce Schulze


(March 2001) Jami Stokes, Micah Schulze, Mike O'Neal, Brian Risher, and Sid Champion V below the crest of Champion Hill


(March 2001) Mike, Micah, Jami, Brian and Sid below the crest of Champion Hill


(March 2001) Jami and Mike on a northwest approach to Champion Hill


(March 2002) Micah, Mike, D. J. Johnson, Paul, Brian, and Jodie at the Robert's House site on D.J. Johnson Road (wartime Ratliff Plantation Road)

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2001/2002 Tour Group
Brian Risher, MS. (Photo contributor and co-creator). Brian wrote all of the Website narratives
Bruce Schulze, OK (Webmaster, photo contributor, and co-creator)
Jami Stokes, TN
Jody Gore, MS
Micah Schulze, OK
Mike O'Neal, MS
Paul Gore, MS

2003 Tour Group
Brian Risher, TN
Bruce Schulze, OK
Don Sides, MS
Micah Schulze, OK

2004 Tour Group
Brian Risher, MS
Bruce Schulze, OK
Lauren Drummond, WI
Micah Schulze, OK
Rob Risher, MS

2005 Tour Group
Brian Risher, MS
Bruce Schulze, OK
Cindy Risher, MS
Garrett Schulze, OK
Mike Upton, MS
Rick Jordahl, MO
Rob Risher, MS

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Champion Hill!, by Herb Phillips
Blue & Gray Magazine, Volume XVIII, Issue 5, 2001
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