Bovina, Mississippi

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3. History of Saint Alban's Episcopal Church, Bovina

4. The Old Store at Bovina
5. | Bovina Railroad Bridge

6. General Stores | Bovina, MS - Old Store Interior
7. Bovina Drive Railroad Crossing

(June 4, 2014) Enlarge Bovina Crossing, looking east. Confederate General John Pemberton headquartered in Bovina on May 12, 1863, four days before the Battle of Champion Hill on May 16. Union field hospital and prison camp after the Battle of Big Black River on May 17


(March 1996) Enlarge Looking east from Bovina Crossing. Tiffentown Road in left background


(March 2012) Enlarge Wartime road (now Bovina Drive) connecting Warrior Trail (wartime Jackson Road) and Bovina Crossing in the background


(March 2002) Enlarge Warrior Trail (wartime Jackson Road) between Bovina and Big Black River, view looking east

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