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Battery Selfridge & Naval Monument

USS Cairo
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Fort Hill
Union Battery

March 17, 2013 Enlarge
New Navy Monument Interpretive Marker

(May 2013) Enlarge The two thirty-pounder Parrott rifled cannon above mark the site of Battery Selfridge, named for the commander of the battery who was formerly captain of the gunboat Cairo, sunk in the Yazoo River by a Confederate "infernal device" ( a torpedo or underwater mine )
James Neel photo

(2006) Enlarge Naval monument from Confederate Ave, east of Fort Hill
Richard Edling photo
(2006) Enlarge Union Battery near Battery Selfridge
Richard Edling photo

(3-2011)  Enlarge Battery Selfridge. NPS Tour Guide: This battery consisted entirely of naval cannon and was manned by sailors of the U.S. Navy. It is named in honor of Lt. Commander T.O. Selfridge, JR., one of the naval officers stationed here and the man in command of the ironclad Cairo when it was sunk in the Yazoo River on December 12, 1862. A plaque here tells of the navy's role in the siege of Vicksburg. Site Marker: U.S. Battery Selfridge. Lieutenant Commanders Thomas O. Selfridge, John G. Walker. A detail from Admiral Porter's fleet under Lieut. Commander Thos. O. Selfridge to June 25, and from that date under Lieut. Commander John G. Walker, served two eight inch Columbiads in this position Battery Selfridge from June 5 to end of siege, July 4, 1863
Plaque near the Navy monument (Operations of Union Navy, March 29-July 4, 1863
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(3-02) Enlarge
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(2-08)  Enlarge Official National Park Handbook 137: The 202-foot obelisk is a tribute to the achievements of the Union Navy in the campaign to reopen the Mississippi River. Statues of four fleet commanders (Admirals Farragut and Porter and Flag Officers Davis and Foote) surround the base. Between the road and the memorial, note the large bronze plaque recounting the achievements of the inland navy
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  (2-06) Enlarge Naval Mon. detail
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(2-06) Battery Selfridge
Courtesy of Richard Edling, PA
  (2-08) Enlarge Battery Selfridge
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