Vicksburg Campaign, a Virtual Tour: Navy Circle (Battery Benton)
Detached Unit of the Vicksburg National Military Park


(3-2011) Enlarge National Park Service site on Washington St. near the old US-80 Mississippi River bridge. Site Marker: U.S. Battery Benton, Acting Master J. Frank Reed - A detachment of battery E. 1st Missouri light artillery, under Lieut. Joseph B. Atwater, and a detail of enlisted men of the 34th Iowa Infantry. All under acting Master J. Frank Reed of the gunboat "Benton," served two 42-pounder rifled guns in this position, Battery Benton, from the morning of July 1 to the end of the siege, July 4, 1863. A shell exploded in the battery, July 1, killing 2 and badly wounding 4 enlisted men of the 34th Iowa Infantry

(2006) Enlarge
Richard Edling photo


(3-2011) Enlarge View looking north from parking area of the Vicksburg Welcome Center

  (3-96) North face of Battery Benton

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