Vicksburg Campaign, a Virtual Tour
Vicksburg's Waterfront

(March 1997) View from Yazoo River diversion canal (wartime Mississippi River)
(March 1997) Another view from the canal. The Old Court House is hidden behind the grain elevator
(March 1997) Fort Hill
(March 1997) Old Court House above the Port of Vicksburg sign
(March 1997) Naval Monument from wartime bend of Mississipp River

(3-07) Enlarge Yazoo Diversion Canal meets the new channel of the Mississippi River. View from Louisiana Circle 


(Circa 1860) Wartime view of Vicksburg. The Warren County Courthouse is in the center of the photograph


(3-95) Yazoo River diversion canal. West view from parking garage east of Harrah's Casino. The west bank of the Old Mississippi River was near the tree line in the distant background

Vicksburg Landing, circa 1866
Photo courtesy of Old Court House Museum Collections, Vicksburg, MS

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