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November 1, 2010

To: Members of the Texas Division
From: Ray James, CMDR
Date: 1 Nov 2010
Re: Announcing new Camp email account service

As you may already know, I have authorized Division expenditures for a special webpage designed to allow us to collect information from contacts who see our two billboards on US 290, and Frank Johnson has developed a page for that purpose.
One important fringe benefit of this is that it allows us to develop an email service for any camps who wish to have one at no additional cost. Frank has set us such accounts and any camp wishing to avail of this free service need only contact Frank to request.
Let me mention a few advantages of this system:
1. It’s free to the camps (and actually adds no additional cost to the Division, except for some management efforts)
2. The address will clearly be that of the Camp (ie., Camp1457@scvtexas.com) as outlined in General Order 1
3. It’s a web-based service—you can get your email anywhere you have a web connection
4. When Camp officers change, the camp’s email address does not change (rather credentials will be transferred to the new officers by the outgoing officers)—this means email distribution lists maintained by the Brigades, Division, ATM, and HQ will remain current, even as Camp officers transition each year—this will be a huge advantage in maintaining good communications with the Camps.
5. The Camp Commanders will have control of their own accounts, and can give credentials to any camp officer or member to monitor
6. If passwords or credentials are lost, they can be reestablished by contacting Frank Johnson
7. The email account can be monitored directly by designated camp officer(s)/member(s), or it can be used to forward email automatically to the communication officer’s existing personal account (so the commo officer doesn’t have to monitor another account)
8. It will satisfy all requirements of the CiC ‘s General Order No. 1
This is not required of any Camp; those camps who have already established or prefer to establish a Camp email account as directed in General Order 1 (with Camp name in the account name) can continue to use that email account or they are welcome to avail themselves of this service. Camps wishing to establish an account can send their request for an email address to Frank Johnson: fjohnson@wt.net Each camp should include the name of the designated communications officer along with a contact phone #. Upon receiving the request, each camp will be issued an address and password along with detailed instruction on how to access their mail. Unless otherwise requested, the email address will be camp####@scvtexas.com .

I hope each camp in the Division will take advantage of this new service. If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact me or Frank Johnson for more information.

Warmest regards,
Ray James

Ray W. James
CMDR, Texas Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans
1501 Frost Dr.
College Station, Texas 77845
(979) 693-3507 (H)
(979) 845-7265 (W)


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