Battle of Aldie, VA

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(October 2007) Enlarge Aldie Interpretive Marker
One of the most devastating cavalry battles of the Civil War occurred on a hot day in June, 1863. The Battle of Aldie took place on the 17th at a sharp curve in the Snickersville Turnpike (Hwy 734) several miles northwest of Aldie, VA. Some historians consider it one of the most significant events of the Gettysburg Campaign
Enlargements courtesy of the Historical Marker Datebase Website

(October 2007) Enlarge Aldie Interpretive Marker
Enlargements courtesy of the Historical Marker Datebase Website



(October 2007) Enlarge Looking back at the curve in the road from the north side battle site, a split rail fence lined the north side of the road while a stone wall lined the south side. This wall concealed a steep drop off into a field and at that time the road was cut deeper in to the earth than now. The wall concealed sharpshooters from the 2nd and 3rd Virginia Cavalry from view as the 1st Mass. Cavalry rode into an ambush

(October 2007) Enlarge A closer view of the drop off and sunken field
Snickersville Turnpike Association


(October 2007) Enlarge  Side Panels In 1880 the survivors of the 1st Mass. Cavalry erected this monument on the curve to commemorate this important battle. The names of the casualties are engraved on the right edge of the monument


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