Fort Johnston
Southport, NC

September 2007 Photos/text courtesy of Brian Duckworth, NC
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1. Fort Johnston Marker:
2. Forts 1-Fort Johnston
3. What's the story behind Fort Johnston in Southport?

(9-2007) Enlarge Historical marker and Civil War trails sign: Fort's view of the Cape Fear river
Fort Johnston: Seized after Fort Sumter fell, Confederates maintained this fort until the fall of Fort Fisher in 1865. All that remains of Fort Johnston are the officers quarters. The fort is located in Southport, across the Cape Fear River on the North Carolina mainland, south of Fort Fisher

(9-2007) Fort Johnston marker
(9-2007) Enlarge Civil War Trails Fort Johnston Interpretive (9-2007) Enlarge Fort Johnston (Officers' Quarters)

(9-2007) Artillery at Fort Johnston

  (9-2007) Enlarge View of Fort Johnston from Southport, NC pier

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