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Bill Bechmann, OH: 7-2015 Pages 13-14

Brian Duckworth, NC: 9-2007, 9-2009 Pages 9-12
Richard Edling, PA: April 2005

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145th Anniversary courtesy of Brian Duckworth
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Photos/text this page courtesy of Brian Duckworth, NC

Fort Fisher was one of the South's last hopes of survival. It bordered and defended the Cape Fear River and Atlantic Ocean to allow blockade runners to provide much-needed supplies and arms to the Confederacy. The fort protected Wilmington, NC, the last open port not shut down by the Union blockade. The fort was positioned in an L shape with the longer side of the L on the Atlantic Ocean and the shorter side perpendicular to the Cape Fear River. It sustained two major attacks. During the days of December 24 and 25, 1864 Union forces pounded the fort with shells but a land and sea attack was not coordinated and the plan failed.
On January 13 through 15, 1865 Union forces again hammered the fort with both a land and sea attack. This resulted in the fall of the fort. Today, a few mounds of the fort remain and a reconstructed battery (Shepherd's Battery) is ready for viewing. The ocean face of the fort is now under water, a result of erosion.


(9-2007) Enlarge Shepherd's Battery

(9-2007) Fort Fisher marker

(9-2007) Close-up of the marker



(9-2007) Enlarge Site of Fort Fishers Headquarters and Flag Staff


(9-2007) Enlarge The remaining mounds of Fort Fisher


(9-2007) Reconstructed Shepherd's Battery (10-inch Columbiad)


(9-2007) Enlarge Shepherd's Battery

Outside Fort Fisher - scene of land attack

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